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At ABC, I offer personalized estate planning, tailored to suit your particular situation and needs. As a boutique law firm, you will receive one-on-one counseling directly from me, Adela Iturregui. I will be your point of contact from the initial phone call to the signing of your estate planning documents. You will not be passed off to anyone else, you will not get lost in the shuffle, you will not have emails go unanswered. I only take on the number of clients that I can personally provide my complete attention to. I will provide you with the various plan options as well as upfront pricing for those plans, there are no hidden costs. I tailor your plan to address your particular circumstances, whether you are working with limited resources and need to get a basic plan in place to protect your family, or you are looking to minimize taxes and transactional costs for a transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Regardless of the plan you choose, I will be here to ensure that your questions are answered, that your family is taken care of in the way that you would have wanted, and that I do so as economically as possible.


This type of plan is most appropriate for individuals or couples who have minimal assets, do not own real estate, and have no minor children.

Our advanced trust-based plan is ideal for anyone that owns real estate, anyone with minor children, and anyone that wants to avoid Probate (a lengthy, costly, and public court process).

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Comprehensive emergency and long-term planning for your children should something happen to you.


Planning is more than your assets.  At ABC we believe in capturing and transferring your valuable intangible gifts, your Legacy. 

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