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Existing Estate Plan Checkup and Review

Choose this session if you have an existing plan so that you can get educated on whether your existing plan still works for your family or if you have gaps that you must fill to have the peace of mind your family is covered.  


Please Note: The Existing Estate Plan Checkup and Review is a working meeting, not just a consultation. We send you homework to complete before we meet, and ask that you send it back within 3 days of the meeting. Additionally, we will need to review your current plan documents ahead of the meeting.  This meeting has a value of $950.  A non-refundable deposit of $375 is required to book your appointment. I set aside a lot of time to meet with you—up to two hours— and can therefore only offer a handful of appointments each month. If you don’t show up, you’ve prevented someone else from being able to schedule their Session. 

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