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Leaving a Legacy: Travel, Games, Pokémon, and the Art of Parenting

If you know what ABC is all about, then you know that I'm not your typical estate planning attorney. Yes, I may be an expert in wills and trusts during office hours, but my most cherished role is being a mom to my ABC (Alex, Benny, and Caroline). And I want to talk to you about something that often doesn't make it into the legal documents – leaving a legacy. But not just any legacy; I'm talking about a Legacy of love, knowledge, values, and, of course, games!

You see, Legacy isn't solely about passing on your wealth and assets. It's about passing on a piece of yourself, the essence of who you are as a parent. One way I've found to do this is through travel and games, and if you can believe it, even Pokémon Go. But it's not all about globetrotting. There's plenty you can do locally and lots of local Pokémon to catch, to leave a Legacy of love.

Traveling with a Purpose

Now, I'm not suggesting that you embark on a world tour to leave a Legacy (although, that would be an adventure!). Instead, consider this: every trip you take with your kids is a chance to create lasting memories and impart important life lessons.

This weekend, my ex-husband and I attended Pokémon Go Fest in New York. Picture this: over 70,000 people from all corners of the world gathered in one place, celebrating their love for a game. It struck me – this event was a testament to how games can bring people together, transcending borders, cultures, and backgrounds. And trust me, watching grown-ups chase virtual creatures alongside and with the same enthusiasm as kids is a sight to behold!

Playing Games as a Family Tradition

Now, let's talk games. Board games, card games, and yes, even Pokémon Go – they all have a place in creating your Legacy.

Remember those long summer evenings huddled around a board game, with laughter and friendly competition? Those are moments that shape your children's memories. They teach them about sportsmanship, strategy, and how to handle victory and defeat with grace and how to conquer fears, like acting out a card in front of a crowd and learning your team depends on you. Plus, there's no better way to find out how competitive your kids and partner can get until you've faced off in a game of Monopoly!

As for Pokémon Go, it's not just about catching virtual creatures. It's about exploration, teamwork, and adventure. When you take your kids on Pokémon hunts, you're teaching them to appreciate the world around them and to share their discoveries with others. In fact, I often joke that it's the perfect way to trick them into going on a family walk – "Hey kids, let's go raiding!” – I mean how else can I get them to walk almost 100 km with me during a single weekend, with a smile on their face?

Traveling with Love

Now, I mentioned my ex-husband earlier. You might be wondering, how does he fit into My Legacy of love? Well, it's simple. When you co-parent and come together for the sake of your children, you're showing them the power of love, respect, and cooperation.

Our trip to Pokémon Go Fest was a perfect example. Despite our differences, we united to create an unforgettable experience for our kids. We laughed, we strategized, we caught more Pokémon than we can count and we rejoiced (or felt a hint of jealousy), when the other caught a shiny legendary Pokémon. It's a testament to the love we still share for our children, and it's a legacy that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Leaving a Local Legacy

Now, if you can't jet off to faraway lands every weekend (like the Kardashians), there's plenty you can do locally. Think about skating or even biking. They are fun activities that get the heart pumping and the giggles flowing. Just remember to bring the knee pads for those spectacular wipeouts!

And if skating's not your thing, how about a scavenger hunt in your own neighborhood? Hide treasures, create clues, and let your kids' inner detectives loose. It's a surefire way to leave them with a legacy of adventure right in their own backyard. You can try geocaching, look it up, it’s fun for both adults and kids alike!

In Conclusion

Leaving a Legacy is about more than just money and assets. It's about the moments you create, the values you instill, and the love you share. Traveling and playing games with your kids can be some of the most impactful ways to do this. So, whether it's exploring new places, engaging in epic board game battles, or embarking on a Pokémon Go adventure, remember that you're building a legacy that your children will cherish forever.

And don't forget, life's a game, so why not play it with a wink and a grin? After all, our true Legacy is the love and memories we create along the way.

Call us today to see how ABC can help you create your Legacy of love with our Legacy Interviews.

Life. Love. Legacy.

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